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About SolarTEK Energy

About SolarTEK Energy

We’ve built the largest solar contracting company in the United States the old fashioned way, one satisfied customer at a time!

Whether you want to live off grid or just offset some of your current carbon foot print, SolarTEK Energy is your all inclusive solution.

Isn’t it time we all walk the walk? In 1992 I installed solar on my personal residence and was quickly branded “a tree hugger”. A few didn’t think tree hugger was an adequate description, they thought “nut” was more appropriate! I must say, what’s nuts to me is making payments your entire life for energy readily available for free!

Let’s face it, renewable energy technology makes more sense than continuing to deplete our fossil fuels. That was true in 1992 and given the current understanding of global energy demands, renewable energy makes even more sense today!

We offer 100% Financing Options!!!

SolarTEK Energy brings the certainty of performance today’s business and homeowners demand. Give us a CALL at 210-826-1121 or send us an email to discuss what you have in mind. Listening to our customers is our specialty!

SolarTEK Energy
– Experienced, Professional Solar Photovoltaic Electricity and Solar Thermal Installations –


Why Solar?

Why have over 1.5 million Americans invested in solar? Surveys taken over the last ten years confirm that the vast majority of owners (94% or more) consider that investment a wise decision. Consumer investment and satisfaction have spawned a small but growing solar hot water (SHW) industry here in the U. S. that is providing even broader benefits to our nation and has the potential to contribute much more. Click images for more details.

In the News

Enjoy learning more about SolarTek and solar technology through these videos and news articles!
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Solar Energy Plants in Texas Projected to Double   By Kevin Cokely – NBC 5 News Published: February 20, 2017 The number of large solar energy plants in Texa...
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Texas PV
Texas PV – the fastest draw in the west By Richard A. Kessler in Fort Stockton, Texas Published: Oct. 5, 2016 Updated: Oct. 29,  2016 Since Recharge wrote...
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Our Testimonial

Sergio R.
Project: Install Solar Panels For Electric System They are very professional. 5 Stars on Home Advisor
Sergio R.
By Sergio R.
Richard A.
I had a 9.2 KW roof system installed. There was a delay getting started because of winter weather delays in San Antonio/Austin but once started they performed well, showed up on time, finished the product on time and were and have been very respon...
Richard A.
By Richard A.
Mary W.
I recommend SolarTek to everybody. I spent 2 months gathering 15 estimates from companies listed on the Austin Energy website. I researched each company checking BBB, yelp, and other reviews. I was searching for the best deal with great references...
Mary W.
By Mary W.
Carlos A
I purchased a solar attic fan from SolarTEK Energy.  They were on time and the installation was done right.  Only premium products were used for the mounting of the fan.  I am very pleased with their service and product.  I will do business ag...
Carlos A
By Carlos A.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why SolarTEK?
SolarTEK is one of the leaders in Solar Power Energy.  Plus our knowledge, extensive training and customer service is superior to all other solar companies! Call us now at 210-826-1121 and see why we have the happiest customers!    
+ Do you offer repair service for pre-existing Solar Systems?
Not only do we do new install but we also offer repair to your pre-existing Solar system. And even have parts and supplies available. Please Call us at 210-826-1121 for more information.
+ Do you offer financing?
Yes we do! We offer 100% Financing with lots of Options to choose from with approvals in 30 seconds! For more information please Call us at 210-826-1121
+ How much is the Federal Tax Credit?
Federal Stimulus Tax Credit for Renewable Energy is up to 30% off entire project cost! Call us at 210-826-1121 for more details!

San Antonio Solar Pool Heaters

SolarTEK Energy provides San Antonio Solar Pool Heaters & Pool Heating Systems are custom designed for installation by SolarTEK Energy our personnel will provide the best San Antonio Solar Pool Services. No matter who is responsible for installing your San Antonio solar pool heater the following three steps will begin the process of preparing your home for your solar pool heater... Call us now for a FREE quote! 210.826.1121

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100% FINANCING AVAILABLE with 30 Second Approvals!

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