Solar Air Conditioning

Texas Summers brings more than just hot weather; it ushers in skyrocketing electric bills!
Why not install a solar system to provide the electricity you’ll use cooling your home each year?

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For a fraction of what a whole house solar system costs, you can stay cool for FREE with the latest solar technology from SolarTEK Energy. Our expansive and unparalleled national reach not only brings the nation’s lowest priced solar systems, it brings the unquestioned know-how to deliver these latest technological systems!

And…for a limited time, in addition to our low prices, the government will pay HALF the cost! That’s right, you don’t have to pay for the entire system, you pay for only half the cost!



  • EXCLUSIVE SolarTEK Energy system connects directly to your existing air conditioner electric service.
  • Replacement of your existing air conditioning unit is NOT NECESSARY!
  • Regardless of how old and/or large, SolarTEK Energy’s system can eliminate your air conditioner bill!
  • Take advantage of HUGE Solar Tax Credits! Our AC solar generating systems qualify for the new 30% Federal tax credit or grant.
  • A SolarTEK Energy AC system is FAR LESS EXPENSIVE than whole house solar systems!

SolarTEK Energy is able to bring you the latest in solar design and technology. Call us today for a FREE Solar Analysis of your home or business.

Thousands of American’s have taken advantage of the Government Solar Tax Credits to eliminate ALL or even just part of their Air-Conditioning bill. And so should you! Our analysis is FREE, CALL NOW!

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