Solar Hot Water

Solar Water Heating is the Greatest Return on Your Investment
and is the most efficient form of solar energy currently available today.

Solar Energy is also an affordable way to start reducing your utility bills as soon as your system is installed. Propane and Natural gas prices have doubled and tripled for homeowners over the last year. Electricity rates are starting to go up. You may not be able to beat the high price of gasoline, BUT… you can sure outwit the gas and electric companies!

Solar Water Heating Systems from SolarTEK are a simple, reliable, and cost-effective method of harnessing the sun’s energy to provide for the energy needs of homes and businesses. And now the new Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows homeowners to receive a federal tax credit worth 30% of the system cost! This is the best time to reap the numerous benefits of solar power!

  • 30% Tax Credit!
  • Low Investment – High Return!
  • Saves the environment!
  • Adds value to your home!

Solar Water Heaters Work In Every Climate: Today’s Solar Water Heating Systems technologies can be operated efficiently and affordably in any climate. Systems are specifically designed for various climatic and geographical areas of the country. We currently operate multi-state branch locations with in excess of 100 solar and conservation projects in various stages of execution from North Carolina to the Bahamas. We know the climate problems our customers face.

Reduce Energy Costs: By installing a Solar Water Heating System, a typical household can meet 95 percent of their hot water needs.

Proven Efficient Technology: Currently there are more than 300,000 Solar Water Heating Systems installed across the United States (excluding swimming pool applications) and because these systems have been proven efficient and reliable, the number of installations continues to grow by the thousands every year.

Improved Environment: Reduced demand for fossil fuels will improve the environment by reducing air and water pollution as well as the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming. And though they cost a little bit more up front to install, a Solar Water Heating System will save consumers money in the long run as the fuel source (the sun’s energy) will always be free.

Compare Solar to Conventional Water Heater:

SolarTEK,, Water Heating Systems
Once installed, the system will operate automatically. When hot water is used in the household, solar pre-heated water is drawn into the conventional water heater (reducing or eliminating electricity or gas usage for heating water) or directly to the tap. However, as with all solar water heaters, the total amount of solar contribution to the system is dependent upon the hot water consumption pattern, daily weather conditions, and variable amounts of available sunlight throughout the year.

What Size Do I Need?
First estimate your hot water demand in gallons per day; use the chart below for an average figure. It varies widely with lifestyle (from 10 to 30 gallons or more per person) and with season (most people take longer and hotter showers in the winter). For situations involving small families in large house, the number of bedrooms should be considered in sizing a solar water heater. A system sized to meet the needs of two people in a five bedroom house today will most likely be inadequate for a family of five living in the same house tomorrow.

* Note: add 15 gallons per additional person or 20 gallons per additional room.

SolarTek™ Solar Water Heater Features:

  • Fewer components for easy system installation
  • Maintenance free drainback design for all climate conditions
  • Works on sunny or cloudy days with electrical backup (included)
  • Attractive collector design
  • Conforms to national plumbing, electrical, and solar standards
  • The only household appliance that will pay for itself several times during its useful life
  • Long life non-corroding reservoir
  • Exceeds Energy Star criteria, delivers maximum credit toward Energy Efficient Compliance

Installed Solar Hot Water Heater

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